Wednesday, 5 March 2014

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But more than just a shared interest, I love to talk about things I stumble across in the world of fiction.
To share my views on the latest 'n greatest hot cake bestsellers to hit the literary charts. 
Hmmmm... so many thoughts on those... they're not always so great... ha ha??!!
On the subject of MY books, I'd like to have feedback from you about my characters, plotlines and stories.
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Friday, 28 February 2014


She entered his office, closing the door and walked across to where he was standing, with his back to her. He was leaning over the plans on his meeting table, studying them intently. She stood at his side, a little too closely. He turned to face her, his eyes glittering, his gaze unblinking.
"Your flights are booked, your driver scheduled at 8 am. Here are all the details sir," she informed him, in her best sultry tone, handing him the envelope. She looked up at him from underneath her long sweep of heavily mascaraed eyelashes and licked her glossy pink lips suggestively. She could see him weakening rapidly before her very eyes. She sighed deeply and smiled at him, finishing him off.
With a deep groan, he pulled her towards him and in a second he was crushing her mouth to his.
For a second she was stunned with the thrill racing through her body, and had to concentrate very hard not to respond and sink into him.
She drew her arms up between them and forced him away with both palms on his chest.
"So you don't like me much, huh?" She smiled triumphantly, getting her breathing in check.
"Is there any reason I should, considering?" he threw back, his eyes burning deeply into hers.
One hand wrapped around her head and pulled her mouth close to his again.
His other hand gripped her backside and he ground her against his hardness.
"But liking you has nothing to do with this, has it?" he added.
"Well some parts of you like me, Mr Johnson," she observed, rather turned on by his instant rock hard reaction.
"I have a feeling it's mutual."
"Sadly for you, you're so wrong."
"Hold onto that thought for a moment, Miss Brady."
As he massaged her backside roughly with his fingertips and his teeth nipped at her neck, she started to feel faint with desire. He removed his hand from her head, and slipped it beneath her top and across the naked skin of her stomach, edging up just below her breasts. Her legs suddenly gave way beneath her. He caught her and propped her up against the wall behind them.
"Well it seems you're not immune to me either" He said studying her flushed face.
"I was pretending you're Jamie Dornan," she replied with a dead pan expression.
"Oh give me a break! Woman-up and admit it, you want me."
"Want you? No. The only thing I want from you is my salary." She spat, desperately trying to pull herself together.
He raised his eyebrows at her."Is that so?" Then he walked away with an unreadable expression on his face, returning to his desk.
"In that case, make me some coffee and then finish up that draft compensation claim, I want it in that tray the next ten minutes and then I want you back in here for an hour of dictation." He ordered.
She stared at him angrily, rooted to the spot against the wall.
"What are you waiting for? Get on with it. I'm paying you to work here Samantha Brady. So, do as I ask and work. Otherwise, I won't be paying you fuck all. I'd get to it if I were you."
She finally pulled herself together and tottered away shakily to the kitchen.
"Well that went well." She muttered to herself sarcastically.
But a man like Shane Johnson wasn't about to beg her on his knees for another date, was he? Especially after she'd turned him down, called him an immoral man-slut and a womanizer who she wouldn't date if he was the last man on the planet. It had seemed quite amusing at the time a few weeks ago, after four glasses of wine in the bar at the office drink-up. And then not quite so amusing when last week she'd found herself seconded to his office as his new PA.
But give her time and she'd win the war of the sexes and bring him to his knees. Samantha had a lot of female ammo in her war- chest.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Move Me

Kaydee and Mason are the principal dancers in #CENSORED#. A modern dance crew. They're on the brink of something big in their stage lives and set it alight as a pair. Off stage they're like chalk and cheese, and deny their feelings for each other. Everything is fine until their best friends start to come between them.

Chapter 1

I emerge from my harrowing experience.
He's leaning against the wall, in a world of his own, his eyes are closed and he's sucking his cheeks in, taking a long draw on a cigarette. I'm really peeved at him for walking out just when I needed him most, seconds before the crucial point of entry into my nervous and quivering  flesh.
“Surely you could have waited two more minutes for a fix, Mase... ” I chastise, in a strong tone of voice.
“Nope, I was desperate.” He blows out a long stream of smoke.
“I thought you'd given the ciggies up?”
He hadn't smoked for two days, not to my knowledge, anyway.
“So did I. But apparently I'm not ready yet.”
I grab his arm and drag him off. I'm damned annoyed.
We start to walk back to our flat, around the corner.
“You know that really hurt. I don't think it was properly numbed,” I complain.
“No, really? Could your body be trying to tell you something, d'you think?”
I shoot him a look. He's so mean and sarcastic at times. I want a hug, not a lecture.
I huff out a sigh. “I imagine it is, but I wanted my lip done, so there.”
“Well ain't that great, because now it is done, and pain's included as part of the deal.”
I ignore the smartass comment.
“What d'you think anyway?... nice?”
Stupid question really, of course he doesn't think it's nice.
He turns his head and looks at it for a second “Kaydee, please... ewww...” he grimaces, averting his eyes.

I'm guessing he hates it, like usual...
Why do I even care?

Tied & Bound - its done

Today, I have finished my book. Tied & Bound is a wrap. Well, having said that, there's still a fair amount of work left to do. a rewrite read thru. improving phrase and dialogue. An edit, line by line. But apart fom that, the story is out of my poor little head, finished and all... and what a hot little piece it is. I'm proud of myself at having managed to produce this. Hopefully its readers will enjoy it as much as the writer. Now comes the spit and polish stage and then the launch. throwing my little baby to the wolves. The reviewers. EEEK!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Love Is All You Need

Small sexy blast...a Sunday piece of luvin.... awwww....

 He takes my wine from me and puts it down together with his. He pulls me up into his arms and we stand wrapped together, silently, our hearts beating fast and hard. I brush through his hair with my fingers and rub the back of his neck in rapture. He kisses my forehead and strokes my back.
“Let's lie down for a while, hmmm? I just want to look at you.”
He leads me to our ruffled bed and we lie there on our sides, arms around each other.

This couldn't be more romantic. He touches my nose and lips with his finger, his eyes scanning my face. He's deadly serious in expression, and my heart's fluttering in my chest like a hummingbird's wings..
“I can't believe you're real. And you're all mine,” he murmurs.
“Well I am, and most definitely all yours.”
“I'm fucking out of my head crazy over you, babe.”
“I'm crazy mad over you too.”
We both smile widely and then a heart pounding seriousness invades the air again.

“Kiss me and make it last forever,” I murmur........

Saturday, 22 February 2014

On the Beach, Blissful!

I'm reaching that critical point in my story, it's building up to something, and I'm not sure how far to take it... This is a very exciting part. Woooo!  A little Guns 'n Roses for inspiration, I'm sitting comfortably with
a view of the fields beyond my home, and I'm off into the world of my fantasy.

And this is where I am in my head right now.... Pure magic...

Le Touesserok, Mauritius.

Friday, 21 February 2014

A Heated Moment... Excerpt from Tied & Bound.

...Tied & Bound...

I'm beneath him, staring into his eyes as he takes me, the jolts of his thrusting hitting my yielding insides with considerable impact. He knows I like it really hard like this, pushing me to the edge, almost to my limits. I've got a need to be dominated, a little rough handling, and he seems to like doing it.
I'm moaning and arching towards him, entering a different world. One of pleasurable pain. He grinds his hips into me and slams me harder and harder. I yelp and gasp, loving every second of the deep and forceful penetration. I rake my nails down his back and ass as he devours my face, out of control, grunting and heaving himself at me.
Oh my God.... this is so damn wonderful.
It always is. Every time with him has been magical. I don't care that I ache for hours afterwards.
Oh baby,” he moans, “fuck... I wanna do you all day and night, I can't get enough.”
Then he collapses on me with a long low gutteral groan. He's panting with exertion, kissing and sucking my neck in a fevered rush. His fingers twirl in my hair, tugging at the roots tightly.
He gulps loudly and then with a very long deep and shaky breath, he looks up smiling broadly.
That was one helluva quickie.” 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014